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February 2017


League of Wolves ready for the big time

Fundraisers being held to help band professionally create their new album By Kailey Guillemin You’ve read about them and have probably listened to them over the years. Well, now’s your chance to rock out to the League of Wolves a couple more times before they hit the road to stardom! League of Wolves will be… Keep Reading


Perils and Pirates

MEGAN LACELLE When I began applying for classes at the University of Lund, one class in particular stood out to me: Maritime and Transport Law. As a forever landlocked Saskatchewanite, I’ve always been equal parts fascinated and terrified of the ocean. The closest water we had growing up was the well in the backyard or… Keep Reading


What do you want to know?

MADONNA HAMEL A while ago a friend asked me if I had a list of questions I used when interviewing artists. I was more than willing to hand over anything I had, as most of my questions I collected from listening to and watching the men and women I chose as mentors, working long before… Keep Reading


When Was the Last Time You Sang Your Song?

MADONNA HAMEL Yesterday, at the café, I was baking pies when Eugene came in for lunch. Johane arrived shortly after, craving a bison burger. She’d been in Banff, where her hubby, Wes, remained for another week, releasing bison into the park. “I like what you write Madonna, don’t get me wrong. But it’s time for… Keep Reading


Winter Road Restrictions and Spring Weights

Milder winter weather will impact truck haul weights on some Saskatchewan highways, beginning this week.  The increased winter weights will be removed in southwest Saskatchewan beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, February 24. Truckers and shippers are advised to monitor their loads and watch for restrictions during what is a very sensitive period for some… Keep Reading


Heritage Week in Saskatchewan

Historic Reesor Ranch to be designated as a Provincial Heritage Property The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed February 20-24 as Heritage Week in the province.  Initiated by the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation and Heritage Saskatchewan, the week aims to celebrate and raise awareness about the province’s unique past. “From storytelling to heritage-related workshops, our government is… Keep Reading


55 hours in Rome

MEGAN LACELLE Did you know you can get wireless internet 37,000 feet above Finland? Did you know Rome is regarded as an “archeological lasagna?” Did you know you can leave Rome at 7:30 a.m. and make it back for class at noon in Sweden even though your flight landed in Denmark? These are all things… Keep Reading


Trading Spaces

TARA MULHERN DAVIDSON These days, it seems like our house is constantly in a state of transition. When my husband and I first moved into our two-bedroom house, we were the lone occupants. We didn’t have a lot of “stuff” yet, we weren’t physically in the house that often, and there seemed to be ample… Keep Reading


Clarendon Hotel deserved a better fate

Smiley receives 30 months for deliberately setting hotel on fire KATE WINQUIST I’m sorry, Gull Lake.  I’m having a hard time coming up with the appropriate words that I want to convey. I’m even more sorry than I was on a crisp Sunday morning back in the fall when travelling to my office to upload… Keep Reading

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