Unforgivable and immutable

By Megan Lacelle A man did something unforgivable this week. He took a semi-automatic weapon and opened fire on more than 100 innocent people. He killed 49 people and injured numerous more. Videos arose on the internet of individual’s last moments alive, mothers showed fearful text messages from sons that would never come home.… Keep Reading


20 minutes out of 20 years

In 20 minutes you can watch an episode of Friends (without commercials) or clean your bathroom counter, but in 20 minutes you can also irreversibly change someone’s life. It can take only 20 minutes to rape someone, to ruin a life. I’ve heard the stigma surrounding sexual assault cases again and again. “What was she… Keep Reading


Dana’s Journey

Every year too many people die while waiting for an organ donation. Over 1600 Canadians are added to organ wait lists yearly. Shaunavon resident Dana Turner is fighting for her life. The 35 year-old, single mother is a diabetic, but is also awaiting both a kidney and pancreas transplant. Dana has lived in Shaunavon for… Keep Reading


Lost Hills & Diet Coke

My colleague and I dared greatly and hit the dirt roads in the southwest last week. We broke new trails in places we didn’t know existed. While the thought of roaming the streets of New York may sound more exciting, a drive down a prairie road with no cell-service in the middle of nowhere with… Keep Reading


Grotto Gardens: In loving memory

MAPLE CREEK – The Sellinger family races in their final preparations in order to open the gates on June 1st to Maple Creeks newest business the Grotto Gardens Country Market. Grotto Gardens name was chosen by the family of five in dedication of their late son, Dean Sellinger who passed away in 2006 after a… Keep Reading

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