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A look back at The Gull Lake Advance headlines from August 14, 1974

This past week, a ceremony was held at the Gull Lake Cenotaph to honour Captain Keith Mirau, who was tragically killed when Canadian Forces CC-115 Buffalo 461 was shot down over Syria resulting in the deaths of Mirau and 8 other Canadian Peacekeepers. A plaque was unveiled by Gull Lake Legion President, Gordon Kozroski on Wednesday, August 9 in front of approximately 40 dignitaries and onlookers. The Town of Gull Lake has proclaimed that August 9 will be forever known as “Captain Keith Mirau Day” alongside National Peacekeepers Day in Gull Lake.

Canadian Forces de Havilland Buffalo 461 on the ground in the Middle East prior to August, 1974. Photo via

As I look back at The Gull Lake Advance archives this week, I could only imagine how solemn the feeling must have been in the community after losing one of their own hometown heroes. Mirau was only 29 years-old and left behind a wife and two sons, his parents and two brothers. This was rightfully front page news in The Advance, just as it warrants being front page news today, 43 years later.

Sadly, the front page of The Advance from this week was not short on tragedy …

54-year-old Owen Olsgard, from Hazlet, was killed in an accident when the vehicle he was a passenger in collided with a semi-trailer parked off the shoulder of the No. 1 highway. The accident occurred at 10:45 pm on August 5 approximately 6 miles west of Gull Lake. Owen was killed instantly.

One man was seriously injured on August 8, in a truck-car head-on collision 4 miles west of Gull Lake. Randolph Dueck from Pansy, Manitoba was headed east in his ’61 Meteor when he collided with a 1974 three-quarter ton truck operated by a man from Calgary.

Roy Edward Carton, a former resident of Gull Lake, passed away on August 2 at the age of 34 years – a victim of acute leukemia. Mr. Carton was survived by his wife Victoria (Valery) and their 5 1/2-year-old daughter, Roseann.

The Council of the R.M. of Carmichael agreed to the construction of four miles of main access road west of section 17, 20, and north of 20 and 21, township 11, range 21, at an estimated cost of $40,000.

Rye harvesting was nearly 50% completed in the Gull Lake area and was averaging 15 to 30 bushels to the acre. Elevator agents say the rye that they were receiving was a good sample and was weighing around 59 lbs to the bushel. The rye yield was considered fairly good, considering the extent of the grasshopper infestation.

School was set to resume in the Gull Lake School Unit. The line-up of teachers for the fall term were as follows:
Gull Lake Elementary School
Cameron Lock – Principal
Verona Anderson, Sandra Bennalack, Pauline Bue, Elaine Holland, Agnes Kerr, Sandra Mackie, Betty Ann Nyen, Shirley Quintin, Gladys Stronshein, Wayne Wendland.
Kindergarten – Alice Hoffart
Gull Lake High School
William Bearden – Principal
Carol Baumann, Barry Baumgardner, Ernest Boyko, C. Henry Elkington, Gerald Elmslie, Allen Giesbrecht, Peter Giesbrecht, Margaret Grapko, Gloria Jensen, Kenneth Jensen, Janie Patton, Allan Penner, Gurnam Singh, Linda Todd, Arnold Weston
Music Supervisor – James Hoffart
Tompkins School
Roy Laventure – Principal
Marjorie Cruthers, Donna Ford, Lois Gray, Barbara Holding, Legatha Jensen, Gerald Richmond
Hazlet School
Wayne Guenther – Principal
Cheryl Bak, Donald Cawley, Ron Neufeld, Brian Olson, Pearl O’Neill, Elizabeth Sannes, Cheri Severson, Marilyn Smith, Joyce Suttie
Hutterite Colony – Mabel Hobbs

Five Generations attend Cooke Reunion: This 5 generation picture was taken at the time of the Cooke family reunion in Gull Lake. (L-R): Mrs. J.H. Laureen of North Surrey, B.C., then her daughter Mrs. Walter Cooke of Eastend, Mrs. Cooke’s daughter Mrs. Delwood (Alice) Buck of Gull Lake, Mrs. Buck’s daughter Susan (Mrs. Neil Weston), also of Gull Lake, and the latter’s little 19 month old daughter, Laura.

Over sixty members of the Lloyd family attended a family reunion at Antelope Community Hall. Those attending were descendants of Allen Edward Lloyd and his wife Myrtle Belle, who were pioneers in the Lloyd School District north of Antelope in 1910.
Relatives came from British Columbia, California, South Dakota, Montana, Manitoba and many from Saskatchewan.

Staff Change at Co-op: Mr. Bruce Freestone is returning to Gull Lake from Virden, Manitoba and has accepted employment at the Pioneer Co-op in Gull Lake as a service station attendant, Branch Operations manager Gordon Dunn reported.

The member’s tournament was held at the Meadowdale Golf Club with Greg Day winning the Championship. Runner-up was Gerry Elmslie.

Showing at the Lyceum Theatre was “Goldfinger” … the secret agent drama starring Sean Connery as James Bond, Agent .007. The double “O” means he has a license to kill.

Birth Announcements included Kris Michael Huckabay, Steven Neal Glasier, and Sheldon Jeffrey Cooke.

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  1. Great, once again, Kate. I’d love to spend an afternoon with you, perhaps drinking something and picking through the old Gull Lake Advance “newsy” things. Hope you haven’t yet discovered any reporting in incidents involving Frook and Cst. Pickering or Cst. O’Connor, if you do, I’d really like to be able to explain the “real” facts before you print them. Just kidding.

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